About the traits/types of Kagoshima tea

Enjoy the numerous scent and flavors. Kagoshima tea is available straight or blended.

One of the traits of Kagoshima tea is that there are numerous different types. From the colors of the tealeaves to the scent and flavor, each brand has its own traits. From straight to blended tea, you can choose depending on your needs.

Transparent green and a smooth taste, the refreshing scent makes this one of a kind. This brand has won numerous awards at tea contests around the country.

This is the tea with the largest cultivation area, making up 75.5% of all tea farms in Japan. It has a thick sweet flavor with an elegant scent.

This is the tea with the second largest cultivation area after Yabukita. It is one of the most famous brands of Kagoshima tea. The color is thick and it has a refreshing bitter taste.

It is harvested early, so it is treasured as a leading new tea. The new leaves of first tea is green, bright, and beautiful, hence the name.

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