About the production area/region of Kagoshima/Geographical traits

A beautiful green of tealeaves and spending a long time to bring out the flavor and sweetness. That’s what Kagoshima tea is all about.

kagosima map

Kagoshima prefecture is located on the southern tip of Kyushu, consisting of the mainland and 200 islands. It is the 3rd largest agricultural production site in Japan. Farmers mainly grow crops that benefit from the warm weather and the vast farmlands, the 2nd largest in Japan.

Kagoshima is the 2nd largest production site of tea after Shizuoka. It produces about 30% of the total share in the country and the number is growing annually.

There are many times of cultivation sites for tea and farmers grow different tea accordingly. In the “Warm Hayaba-region” such as Tanegashima Island, early new tea is produced while in the “Flat farmland region”, machineries are used for mass production at low costs, and in the “Foothill region”, farmers take advantage of the cool weather to produce high quality tealeaves.

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