Health benefits

Why is Japanese tea becoming popular? Here we will look at the healthy elders of Japan and health benefits of tea.

1.Drink small amounts frequently.
“Catechin (bitterness)” is the most often talked about health ingredient of green tea. From weight loss to blood pressure, blood sugar, and preventing colds, its work will surprise you. However, even if you ingest a large amount of catechin, the body only takes in the amount it needs and gets rid of the rest. If you want to keep catechin in your body at all times, “drink small amounts frequently”.
2.Relax with “Ice water brew green tea”
“Teanine (flavor)” is another ingredient that is gaining attention after catechin. Teanine is known to relax you, ease stress, and improve sleep quality. To get a sufficient amount of Teanine, use “Ice water brew green tea”. This is when you use ice water to slowly extract the flavor of tea.
3.Drink 5 cups or more per day to decrease death rate
A study in Japan suggests that drinking 5 cups of green tea or more per day decreases illness death risk by 13% for men and 17% for women compared to those who drink less than 1 cup a day. It is believed that this is due to the improved body condition from catechin and caffeine.


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Catechin (bitterness)

Weight loss (promotes fat burn)/Antioxidant/Antibacterial, antivirus/(Fights influenzas, Helicobacter pylori, periodontal disease)/Protects liver/Keeps blood pressure low/Prevents rise of blood sugar/Improves intestinal environment/prevents bad breath and cavities/suppresses allergy symptoms/*The effects of [Benifuki] is also expected to have cancer prevention effects

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Teanine (flavor)

Relax/Reduces stress

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Caffeine (bitterness)

Refreshing, wakes you up/Weight loss (promotes fat burn)

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Vitamin C, β carotene, Vitamin E, Folic acid, Fluorine, γ-Amino butyric acid (GABA), etc.

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