How it's different from other production sites

The history of Kagoshima, the production site for tea, began as being the biggest exporters of tea in Japan.

Tea production, one of the national policies at the time, was popular in Kagoshima during the Meiji era. It was the biggest exporter of tea in Japan. The warm weather and geographical traits made it the most suitable location for tea production. Up until the 1960s it was being exported to abroad, but from the 1970s it made the change from a tea production site to green tea production site. And today, the government and the people have come together to promote and spread green tea of Kagoshima to other parts of the world.

The new tea of Kagoshima grown in warm weather is known as the earliest new tea of Japan. Tea harvested form late March to mid April is known as “Hashiri new tea”, and is beloved by tea drinkers around the country.

In addition to tea for drinking, there are now edible teas. As a result, the demand of customers toward safety of food is on the rise. To establish a system of safety/comfort/trust for Kagoshima tea, we are working on initiatives such as disclosing production process history and drafting the GAP policy, which is at the basis of Kagoshima tea.

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